Monday, December 2, 2013

First Christmas Ornament Exchange

Because I am a glutton for punishment, this year I organised a Christmas card or ornament exchange for New Zealand home educated children.
For those aged 5-7 they could make and exchange their own cards and for those 8 and above they could participate in an ornament or craft exchange. We had about 70 children enrolled and they were sorted into groups of four, by their ages.
My girls made the following ornaments for their exchange partners.
Agent Smelly, simply used a large cookie cutter to trace Christmas trees onto white felt and then sewed mistmatched buttons onto them and stuffed them and sewed them up with blanket stitch. Sorry my photo doesn't do them justice, they are really cute!
The Fashionista made these ornaments out of felt (she used a red button for the holly) and also stuffed and blanket stitched them. She traced around a large sticky tape roll to get the size of the plum puddings and then free hand drew and cut out the holly leaves. They came out awesome!
They also included a pack of the Reindeer Noses, pictured above, for each of the children in the exchange. There are loads of reindeer labels on Pinterest but we printed these Reindeer Noses labels from Over the Big Moon who has kindly supplied a free printable (four labels to an A4 page). We packed a zip lock bag with a Jaffa (Rudloph's nose) and eight Maltesers for the other reindeers.
I was a great help ... I finished off the pack of Maltesers ... mmmmm Maltesers.


  1. I love this idea, though I am too lazy to do an exchange!! Great work kids :)

    1. This was one of those "seems like a good idea at the time" ... then when it comes to doing the actual work ... lots of groaning and moaning ...

  2. I love the reindeer nose packs - such a cute idea! And the girls' ornaments are really pretty.
    I've been feeling guilty all week about not doing anything Christmasy around here (especially after reading everyone's blogs about all the stuff they've been doing, you know how that goes).
    Then yesterday I realised it's still only the start of December and there's still time (duh!). Now I have so many Christmas activities planned we may still be doing them in February. :-D


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