Friday, July 12, 2013

Phoeneys Courageous Combat

Recently I started following a page on Facebook called Phoeneys Courageous Combat. Phoeney is a just a wee baby girl who at 18 months old was diagnosed with an aggressive childhood cancer, Neuroblastoma.

Only last week this little darling went through a ten hour surgery, (was only supposed to be six) to have her tumour removed! I seriously do not know how her Mama and Papa survived the day. She came through the op and all went well but has since suffered a little setback with something called Chyle Leakage, which means staying in hospital for another 4-6 weeks.  

This little bubba has quite captured my heart and her Mama recently mentioned that her little one loves horses ... hmmm, what two girls do you know that also are mildly horse obsessed?

So I showed my girls Phoeney's facebook page and then suggested to them that they might like to gift some of their horsie stuff to Phoeney. They were absolutely thrilled with the idea and took off to their rooms like shots. They got very excited and bought out some things for Phoeney. I popped down to the Post Shop to grab a post bag and got the biggest I could find (stuffed horses are a bit bulky). Imagine to my surprise when I got home and found even more stuff on the floor. I did laugh and make them put some aside as we couldn't fit it all in.

There was not even time to get out of their PJ's ... packages had to be wrapped. We went with tissue paper, after checking that Phoeney was up to unwrapping pressies.

Whilst I was nearby in the kitchen and the girls were brushing and plaiting pony hair and wrapping them, I overheard The Fashionista say "You know this is a lot of fun" and Agent Smelly replied, "Yeah, you know doing it for another person is cool". I was so very pleased that they were learning so much from this simple excercise.

Once the package was packed and all ready to go, TF said "we should do this more often" and then they both asked if they could to which of course I said yes.

If you'd like to follow Phoeneys-Courageous-Combat then just click on the page link. I am sure her Mama would appreciate the extra encouragement and strength that people around the world share with her.

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