Saturday, March 17, 2012

St Patricks Day 2012

As a bit of fun, I decided surprise the girls with shamrock pancakes for a St Patricks day breakfast.

I simply added some green food colouring to my favourite pancake batter recipe,  put the batter into a squeezy bottle (like a sauce bottle), drew three hearts joined together added a stem, and then filled the hearts in with more batter.

Voila ... a shamrock, to be sure, to be sure!

I served their pancakes, with lime milk in some green tea sets.

After breakfast both girls could be heard giggling in their rooms, whilst they ransacked their wardrobes, in an endeavour to find some "green" clothing to wear for the day.

PS - The Pig came out a bit later (he'd had a late finish at work the night before) and wanted to know why I had made "Alien" pancakes ... men!

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